The Orville, ep 1.13                        Co star                                20th Cent. Fox

Love, Examined                         Lead                                    Alexander Vesely

Appropriate Behavior               Supporting                         Desiree Akhavan

Red Rum Ep.214                        Lead                                           Tony Glazer

Scorned Ep.215                          Lead                                       Optomen Prod.

Louie (Louis C.K.)                    Day Player                   3 Arts Entertainment

The Last Day                               Lead                                 Zazou Productions

So It Goes                                    Lead                             Columbia Univ. MFA


Tape                                          Vincent                            Krater Studios, L.A.

Over Here Over There             Nathan                   Manhattan Rep. Theatre

Happy Hour                              Kevin O’Grady         Big Little Theater, NYC

Blue Surge                                 Doug Johnson                 Stella Adler Studio

Blue Window                            Tom                                Univ. of Washington

Stand-up Performance                                                 Comedy Underground


Krater Studios, LA

The Kimball Studio, NYC

The Sally Johnson Studio

The Barrow Group, NYC

Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting, NYC

University of Washington, Seattle